Part #2 with Adam Auer of the LA Angels on Strength, Conditioning and Nutrition

October 25, 2017

Listen to part #2 with Adam Auer. This is another good one for all players and parents to help get ready for the hgih school season

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Adam Auer of the LA Angels talks about Strength , Conditioning and Nutrition for high school baseball players

October 16, 2017

Listen to Adam Auer of the LA Angels talk about strength and conditioning for high school baseball players. This is a great podcast for all parents and players. He talks about off season and in season training.

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Justin Roswell from Team One Baseball talks about the college recruiting

February 17, 2017

Team One Senior Director Justin Roswell 

February 22, 2017

This shows is a must for all players and parents. Justin talks about the recruiting porcees for college at all levels.  Listen as he talks about NCAA rules, when you should start the process of choosing a school, Academics, showcases, finances, training, pro scouts and much more  On this edition of RLF RADIO, heard locally on Orange County's only community radio station, Spnsored by the RYAN LEMMON